The SF45/B, world's smallest
scanning microLiDAR


Navigation and environment detection


Ground surveying, collision avoidance and terrain-follow applications

For Robots

Detect movement and objects with targeted precision

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Main Features

Super lightweight

At 48,3 grams this will assist in increasing battery life by shedding extra weight with the all-new small form factor SF45/B. #microLiDAR

Field of view

Its impressive versatility and a field of view of 320º high scanning frequency

High update rate

Takes up to 20 000 points per second. Using time-of-flight technology which allows for very fast and accurate distance and speed measurements.

Higher angular accuracy

Using a direct drive stepper motor that allows for higher angular precision and no backlash.

Additional Features

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It is more than just buying a sensor. It is about finding a partner for your project to advise you on integrating solutions into your platform. We are a partner that has solved many technical challenges in multiple sectors that can potentially bring a different perspective on solving your problem.

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Benefits of using LiDAR

Solving privacy concerns. With the increased privacy concerns relating to camera technology.

Own light source. Lidar uses active sensors that supply their own illumination source.

Higher accuracy compared to other technologies.

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